Who We Are

Paradactyl Paramotor was formed by Blake Hibbett and Chris Simmons in 2022 as a response to the growing need for paramotor instructors who are capable and competent pilots, prioritize safety, conduct tandem training,

Chris Simmons

Co-Founder, Instructor, Team Mechanic. You will find Chris in his garage fixing and modifying one of his many speed machines or behind his computer watching, creating, consuming Paramotor content. Chris has been flying paramotors since 2019.

Blake Hibbett

Co-Founder, Instructor, Team Pilot. As a child, my father introduced me to flight. Being a Naval Aviator and owner of both a Boeing Stearman and Piper L4, we would fly everything from aerobatics to cross countries together. After the loss of my father in a tragic P-51 Mustang accident, my best friend and sky dreams were taken from me. Since then, I wanted nothing more than to fly once again, but general aviation had too many restrictions. Years later (in 2019), I came across Paramotors online and started doing research into the safety and feasibility of the sport. Immediately, I showed Chris and we signed up for training. This sport has given me the ability to reattain a portion of my childhood, along with the fulfillment of life-long piloting dreams.

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